Why are you here?

Seriously, what are you doing here?

I can't imagine why anyone would really be visiting this page. I haven't done anything here in years
— but I'm about to.


I've done some pretty epic shit. I've met some pretty epic people.

For Starters

I bought this template for $18 rather than waste my time trying to invent one. F-ing brilliant!


Yeah, those giant stone triangles that people(aliens) built billions of years ago...I've climbed them. What?


Most famous race track/automotive proving grounds on Earth. Punished it....well....lets be honest, it kicked my ass all afternoon. Terrifying really.

Car Building

You mean everyone doesn't download a pdf, teach themselves about welding and mechanical engineering, then build a Lotus 7 from scratch? Try harder!

Red Power Ranger

Had lunch with him once in Tucson. He was pretty pumped to be famous, and he really, really wanted me to be pumped about it too.

Great Wall of China

Hiked it. 'nuff said.


Skiing indoors...did that.


Ever see the movie Heartbreak Ridge? It was a little bit like that, and I was a little bit like Clint Eastwood. No, seriously....ask anyone.